Christmas…What It’s Not…


     Though I have lobbied to add a month between November and December (still undecided on the name of said new month) so that we could savor the days that pass too quickly to suit me, the reality is that we have just one short month between the Thanksgiving celebration and Christmas Day. Aware or not, we step onto that bullet train known as the Christmas season.  Let’s take some time together to mindfully consider the coming days.    My goal is to fight and focus; fight the pull of the commercial world, the retail world, and the Pinterest world to make the season all about the outer trappings, the quest for perfection in all things visual and physical, and focus on what we might decorate our hearts with that would be pleasing to the One we celebrate.  So, to do that, I am going to be talking to myself for the next few days, a personal pep rally to clarify what Christmas is not and what Christmas is.  You are welcome to listen in!

Connie Plummer     December 2, 2018


8 thoughts on “Christmas…What It’s Not…

  1. Alleluia….this is music to my ears, and from someone that I adore! This is just what I need….a calm, centred, listening ear!
    Although I am a bit ahead of the game….tree up, presents bought and wrapped….it is so tempting to overthink and keep “adding” to what is a finished Christmas.
    Thank you, one and all, for the reminders to me to stay the course and just get on with the baking and making memories.
    There are so many needs in my little corner of the world….Westwood Extended Care, my neighbors, and friends and family. Pray that I will still be open to the needs of new people around me, and that my heart will never run out of empathy and compassion for anyone that may need it.
    Thank you, Connie, for this refreshing conversation platform! Love and hugs❤️


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