Christmas…It’s Not What You Bake (Hooray!)

IMG_2750.jpegHooray!!!  Because I am not the consummate cookie baker, merrily blessing those around me with fabulous flavorful morsels. Yet there are so many wonderful tastes and treats that I associate with this time of year.  My mother makes a wonderful thing called an Orange Blossom Coffee Cake.  Through the years, because we have lived in distant locales from Mom and her baking, I have learned to make it myself.   When you walk in the house and get a whiff of one baking, you KNOW it is Christmas!   My Dad makes these wonderful pecan cookies rolled in confectioner’s sugar and gives them as gifts to his friends and neighbors.  The folks at their local hardware store start asking in late summer if there will be cookies from him at Christmas!  No pressure, Dad!

 Don’t worry! I do love the wonderful tastes that I associate with the season.  And though baking isn’t my love language, I do enjoy making Ginger Bears with our kids. But thank Heaven, Christmas doesn’t hinge on what I bake, or actually what anyone bakes.  In my continuation on ‘fighting and focusing’, I am fighting the urge to feel ‘behind’ because I am not a busy baker.  Instead, I will focus on the best taste of all, the taste that fills up and satisfies.   I even have these words on my kitchen wall as a reminder of my desired perspective.

Taste and see that the Lord is good.  Psalm 34:8

Yes…That’s an empty cookie jar, so far!


2 thoughts on “Christmas…It’s Not What You Bake (Hooray!)

  1. Our snowman cookie jar is, unfortunately, filled with cough drops at the moment. Even though I’ve baked all day. Well…maybe someone else has room in their cookies jar!

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