Best Bus Ride Ever!

Who doesn’t love a love story?  This is one of my favorites…a young girl, just 17, finishes high school in a small South Georgia town and leaves for the big city, Atlanta.  She finds a job that utilizes her office skills and finds a boarding house for young ladies where she and her friend settle in.   

Meanwhile, a young man, just 19, leaves that same South Georgia town to search for the girl he has set his heart on.   Childhood friends, their lives had taken them in different directions after he graduated.  But now he has to find her, so he heads to the same big city.  The only thing he has to go on is her approximate address, which really isn’t all that helpful in the city of Atlanta.  Remember…no internet to do a search.  No cell phone to call.  Just a hunch of where she might be.

So off he goes, in search of this girl who has captured his heart.  Where to start?   He gets on a bus in Atlanta to ride the route he hopes she takes to work.  Pan to a close up of her face here, as she looks up from her bus seat to see him coming down the aisle toward her.  And the rest is history…our history!  The story of our family, founded in the love of two young people, my parents, who followed their hearts, built a life together, and will soon be celebrating sixty-eight years as husband and wife.  Oh, how grateful I am for their example of love that never gives up!

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

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