Our Garden

Lolli and I planted a radish garden in a container.  The seeds wasted no time sprouting and growing.  To ease the mind of those in the gardening ‘know’, we have thinned them out once, and will do it again in a couple of days.   As I knelt down to tend the little plants, my eyes were drawn to some nearby greenery in the mulch where we had the container when we did our planting.   The little green heads popping up are identical to the ones in the radish garden.   Looks like some of the radish seeds slipped through Lolli’s fingers and found a spot to grow on their own.

   The picture~Sometimes we are very intentional in our actions, sure of what we are doing and how it will impact others.   But sometimes God takes what we have done, and uses it unexpectedly, in a spot we hadn’t planned…in a life we hadn’t known we would influence.  

   What a great reason to spend our days ‘doing’ and let God choose where our influence will count!

And from Ecclesiastes 11:6 in excellent Farmers’ Almanac style, “In the morning plant your seeds. In the evening keep your hands busy. You don’t know what will succeed. It may be one or the other.

Or both might do equally well.”

Let’s plant some good stuff today!

2 thoughts on “Our Garden

  1. I am sitting at work reading this and cannot stop smiling! Our students graduate soon and I hope I have planted something nice in them that they can nurture throughout their lives! Yes, let’s plant some more good stuff today!


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