Before you flood my comments with ways to rid one’s self of raccoons, you should know this: Since this picture, I purchased a raccoon baffle (that’s like a squirrel baffle on steroids) for my feeder. (I kinda miss this little guy’s visits!)

The summer that he discovered our back yard wildlife deli, he started by coming just in the late night darkness.   When he found that he really enjoyed what we were offering, he became fearless.  At one point I even put Crisco up and down the pole.  He managed to get up, but then was stuck on top of the feeder, but that’s another story.

This time, the setup was working for him just fine.  All he had to do was s-t-r-e-t-c-h his full length and he could just get to the goodies. I gave him an A+ for effort! 

When I come up against a challenge in my own world, it usually doesn’t involve a physical stretch so much as a mental or emotional stretch.  Being the comfort loving creature that I am, my first inclination might be to ‘never mind’ it.   Then I remember the words of Genesis 18:14.  “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”   Well, duh!  The Creator of the Universe is uniquely invested in what I am doing.  He stands ready with resources I can’t begin to fathom!  Since God is God…it doesn’t even require Him to stretch!  

What are you reaching for today?  Ask for help…He’s there and waiting!

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