When a Donut is More Than a Donut

It’s a donut.  It has raspberry jelly inside.  And if the ‘Hot Light’ is on, even better, because it’s a WARM, raspberry filled donut!   No big deal, you say?  Not so, my friend!  Not so!

From my earliest days, Krispy Kreme donuts have been a favorite treat.  We would stop by the big KK store on Ponce de Leon in Atlanta and watch as the little round nuggets came through on the conveyer belt, into the fryer, out of the fryer, and then right through the glazing bath, exiting on the other side as the perfect round delight that it is.  I would stand and gaze in childlike (because I was, at that time, a child) anticipation, mesmerized by the process, smelling the amazing smells, and waiting for our box to be filled, purchased, and then wolfed down without a lot of ceremony.  It was a taste of family.

When the Army took us overseas, my mother and dad brought a dozen of my favorite, stowed away in their luggage.  I ate several and froze the rest, thawing them one by one, and pulling one out to heat and eat when Georgia seemed too far away.  Not that Germany doesn’t have its fair share of bite delights, but they are no Krispy Kreme…a taste of home.

When we arrived in Augusta long ago on a cross country move in search of a home for our family and totally unfamiliar with the city, we exited the expressway on Washington, took a right, and…you guessed it…we found ourselves right in the Krispy Kreme parking lot.  Our little family was in agreement that this was indeed, a sign that that Augusta was going to be a great place to live…a taste of familiar.

The days are long gone when I could eat as many as I wanted without paying the price.  But on special occasions I still savor the occasional raspberry filled wonder with great joy…a taste of memories. 

Throughout our lives there are places, events, smells, and tastes that are so much more than they might be to someone else.   They serve as markers, reminders, pinpoints on our life map that say ‘You Are Here’.  

The word ‘remember’ comes up 234 time in scripture.  That may be because I need to do some serious ‘remembering’.  For this picture I choose 1 Chronicles 16:12, with the reminder to ‘Remember the wondrous works that He has done’.  

These Picture This moments are just that…remembering the Father in all of the ‘Hot Donuts Now’ signs in life.  Remembering where we have been, where we are going, and Who goes with us!  What are your “Hot Donuts Now’ moments?

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