Missing Persons Report!

During our family pre Christmas get together, our youngest grandchild came running up to me in distress. ‘He’s missing! Baby Jesus is missing’, she reported. I got down at ‘eyeball to eyeball’ level with her and asked what she meant. Our three year old detective took me over to her great grandmother’s beautiful nativity scene sitting on a nearby table. ‘See! Baby Jesus is missing!’ She was right. Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, sheep…the scene was set, but no Jesus. So we found Her great grandmother (a.k.a. MaMa) and Reid explained the problem. MaMa explained that since we celebrate the birthday of Jesus on Christmas, that she would add the Baby Jesus to the scene on Christmas Eve. That would NOT do for Reid! She would not be satisfied until Baby Jesus was safely in the manger. So MaMa opened a drawer and Reid carefully picked up the baby and placed him gently on the hay. Then she ran off to play with her cousins, satisfied that Jesus was right where He was supposed to be.

“ Away in the manger no crib for a bed, the little Lord Jesus lay down his sweet head….
…Be near me Lord Jesus, I ask you to stay!’

Help me to panic like Reid just a bit if I find myself accepting all that is Christmas without making sure Jesus is in the center of it all!

One thought on “Missing Persons Report!

  1. Absolutely, my friend! How precious that Reid noticed the missing baby Jesus. Even a sweet 3 year old can understand why we celebrate Christmas! 💓

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