This Way? That Way?

So here we all are, walking down an unfamiliar path, but of course, safely distanced from each other!   We remember where and when we got on the path, but looking ahead, it isn’t clear where the path is leading or how long it will take to travel the length of it.  Our perspective is somewhat limited by the fact that our view is from the position we hold, walking along with our feet touching the ground beneath us.

On this particular path that is pictured, if I choose to climb one of the tall trees along either side, (don’t hold your breath…put your iPhone away…that’s not going to happen so there’s no photo op coming up!) my perspective totally changes.  From above I would see clearly that this path leads to a picnic table by a dock on the river, then bends and takes me out into the bright sunshine of a place that is much more familiar.  

So while we walk on… on this path, trust and hope are the name of the game.  Romans 15:13 says “May the God who gives hope fill you with great joy. May you have perfect peace as you trust in Him…”

The Father is seeing all that’s going on from a very different perspective…a perspective that can see the beginning, the end, and all the steps in between.  Keep on the path…you’re getting somewhere!

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