Am I Doing This Right?

Being married to a former Consultant to the Surgeon General of the US Army in the area of Infection Control, I can promise you that we take the CDC guidelines very seriously around our house! I am schooled…oh, believe me! I am schooled in the appropriate way to wear the mask to achieve the desired benefits of protection for myself and others; nose covered,  mouth covered, and so on and so on.   But why, oh why, can I no longer see properly when I have the mask on?  It’s like I have the thing over my eyes!  I checked…and I really do NOT! 

I have a new found respect for daily mask wearers who have done so in their chosen healthcare field all their lives. Again…married to one of those!  However for those of us who are new to masking, vision impairment seems to be a real thing.

In my first foray into the grocery store since early March, I found myself sweating and hyperventilating a bit inside my mask around the paper products aisle.  Might have picked up a paper bag to put over my head, but I’m pretty sure they were out of them!

And having a bona fide hearing loss for many years, I’ve become accustomed to leaning in to better hear people and to watch their lips carefully.  Those tools are ‘out the window’ these days since I must not get into someone’s space and try to see what’s going on behind their mask. 

So if you see me out there, and I don’t see or hear you, feel free to shout out!  Like you, I’m adjusting…slowly, but surely!  And laughing at myself…a lot!

I can do all things through him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

One thought on “Am I Doing This Right?

  1. I really understand about the hearing loss thing. I am having the same problem since I too have a hearing loss. Just nod your head like you understand and hope you didn’t miss anything important.


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