Life Changing Advice…From a Three Year Old

He was just a little guy, around three years old.  He and his slightly older sister were the center of my universe and keeping them alive, fed, clothed, and loved was a job I took very seriously.  

One morning he rolled into the kitchen to tell me something that was important in his mind to share with his mom…me.  

As I wrestled with breakfast preparation I acknowledged him and kept on with the task of getting the kid kibble ready as he spoke.  That was when my three year old son taught me a very important skill.  He came to my side at the kitchen counter, gently tugged on my shirt and said, ‘Mom, Listen with your eyes.’  

Life. Changing.  

When a child speaks wisdom to us, it can be startling, unexpected, and unforgettable. 

Thirty seven years later, the lesson he taught me that morning in our kitchen still comes to my mind.  People are important.  We can make them feel valued by listening to them with our eyes

Picture our Great God, Who always takes time to hear us with His eyes.   Psalm 145:8 reminds me, ‘The Lord is gracious, kind and tender.’

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