The ‘Eyes’ Have It!

Are you saving on cosmetics these days? Depending on where I am going (or more likely, not going) on a particular day, my level of ‘making up type beautification’ is adjusted by what is visible. For instance, going for a walk in the great unmasked outdoors…I give it a light effort all over. Who knows? I might meet a neighbor on my route, and they might not recognize me if I roll out of the house ‘come as you are.’ But if I am going out to get groceries or some into some other ‘mask requested’ environment…the eyes get some extra love.  

Don’t care to start a fight here…really! For me, following the guidelines of wearing a mask when out in public is a courtesy to people I encounter. In my heart I feel it just one small way I can go the extra mile to show care and concern.  

Through all of this it has become clear just how important my eyes are in relating to people I see when I am out and about. With my smile covered up and my words muffled by my mask, it is all about what I say with my eyes. With a little extra effort, connecting with people through smiling eyes can be done. Seems that people are needing extra connection these days. That someone you encounter in the frozen foods may be having a lonely day.  

I dare you to stand in front of your bathroom mirror…you are there brushing your teeth anyway…and try smiling eyes. Go ahead…try it! See the difference? A great thought from Proverbs 15:30 says, “The light of the eyes rejoices the heart, and good news refreshes the bones.”  And let’s face it, all our bones could use some refreshing just about every day!