Getting There!

Found this little guy strolling across my front walk and so I took a picture to remind me that sometimes it isn’t about how fast you get somewhere, but that you just keep moving in your chosen direction.  

Having taken a break from all my normal activities and duties to spend some special time with my best friend/husband on an adventure, I even let writing pause.  Funny thing, the ideas never stopped coming and I made notes along the way.  But I chose not to develop any ideas fully and instead let them just simmer.   And now it feels like the time to continue the journey of looking at the pictures in my world and seeing what God may teach me through them.   

But my routine day to day brings with it a certain momentum, and this wonderful adventure broke my writing stride. Not complaining!  Getting started again requires space and focus, and my impatience with myself at my inability to get going has been pretty high.  

In Ecclesiastes 3, the ultimate time management handbook, verse 11 speaks loudly to me.

‘He (God) has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.’

Cue the snail!  

I’m pretty sure my slimy little friend here isn’t super sure of his immediate destination.  To his credit, he is moving forward.  I love it that, even when I am unsure of my immediate destination, I don’t have to see the whole journey.  Are you on a roll today, or just moving slowly forward?  God in Charge has it covered… beginning to end.

So I’m breaking out some more Picture This moments, and if you feel curious enough to take a look with me, even better!  Your comments are always welcome, because your perspective counts!  If it will benefit someone, feel free to share, too.

5 thoughts on “Getting There!

  1. To overcome inertia and to keep moving forward (at any pace) is the biggest part of the battle. Thanks for the great reminder. Love your writing and your thoughts!


    1. I sometimes think that if I am making sense to you, you have reason for personal concern! But I am grateful for the encouragement always and for your ability to see pictures with me.


  2. I see the snail moving…………is he going home? is he leaving home? No matter where he is heading, does he even know what an impact he has left on us? I see his footsteps and think to myself “what a wonderful world!”


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