Dragonfly Damaged

Dragonflies are one of my ‘things’…you know…works of the Creator that I appreciate for their speed, agility, and variety.   Little winged works of art as varied in color and design as the people around me.  Any interaction between dragonflies and myself has been a quick fly by or maybe an accidental landing on my arm, only to take off when it realizes it has perched on a ‘who’ and not a ‘what’.

            As I was walking with my granddaughters, we happened upon a beautiful dragonfly on the sidewalk; his body, iridescent blue, with gossamer wings, sitting unusually still.  We approached quietly to try to get a closer look, knowing that any moment he would sense us and take flight.  But he did not.  And when he did see us and attempted to fly, it was apparent that he was injured, and could not.   My granddaughter bent down in absolute wonder at being able to get such a close look at this beautiful creature.   Then she reached out her finger, and gently, ever so tenderly, touched the back of the dragonfly’s body.  My first thought was to tell her not to, but as I watched her, I thought of how truly enthralled she was at the opportunity to commune with this little critter.  And so I just watched as she admired the dragonfly, and gave it a couple more light touches before turning to finish our walk.

            It occurs to me that, there are times in our lives that we are sometimes the injured one.  And if we can be still enough to let someone caress our heart with care, either words, or cookies, or a note, that we have not only been helped, but the person who has come close to us has been helped as well; been given an opportunity to see us up close as we really are; fragile, needy, beautiful creations.  I don’t think we helped the dragonfly.  But I am sure we didn’t injure him further.  And when she happens on one flying by, I know my granddaughter will have a special understanding of them, and an appreciation for their beauty and their fragile nature. 

            Matthew 25:40 reminds us: ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’L

I want eyes to see the injured for the wonder of your creation.  And I want to be willing to be still and be touched when I am the injured one. 

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