Do Over…Mulligan…Fresh Start…Second Chance

Mexican Petunias… one of my favorite flowering plants.  Their fancy name?  Ruellia Simplex.  I have them growing in several places around my home.  Among their virtues; they are hardy, which is a necessity when you are a plant under my care. Joanna Gaines, Fixer Upper heroine of all things lovely, would classify my thumb as more of a ‘Matte Mineral Green’ish than the true Green from the Crayola box.  These perky plants also seem fairly oblivious to the July Georgia heat and sun that beats on them relentlessly.  Also to their credit, these floral warriors don’t seem to be bothered by garden varmints  and don’t require a ton of water.  And when winter comes and they need to be whacked off at the dirt, have no fear!  They will be back in the spring and bring new plants with them.  

Win! Win! Win! 

But my favorite thing about them is something they do summer morning after summer morning.  They start over!   They are covered in lovely delicate blossoms that stick around for most of the day.  And that’s the picture I see today.  

No matter where I land as I end up the evening before, I wake up to a brand new day that has all kinds of possibilities, sort of a ‘Mexican Petunia’ kind of experience.   And though everything may not have been resolved from the previous day’s challenges, I choose the opportunity to have a ‘do over’ as I face a new day.

During busy days of ministry when we would pour out everything we had, physically, mentally, and emotionally to the tasks at hand, my dear friend and cohort, Emily, would often remind me of this truth, found in Lamentations 3, verses 22 and 23.  His mercies are new every morning!  

So, go ahead!   Each morning be your own version of the Mexican Petunia and take your mulligan, your ‘do over, your fresh start…and face your day trusting that you have been gifted with new mercies for the day from the One Who made you! 

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