Who Wants Cake?

Recently, what started out as just my ‘favorite to bake’ Texas Sheet Cake as a treat for our family, turned into an impromptu birthday celebration for the summer birthdays, of which we have many!  

After a picnic lunch, I added a dollop of whipping cream, some sprinkles, and candles…Voila!  Birthday party!   As I took the tray out I was mobbed by ‘hungry for something sweet’ kids as I asked, “Who wants cake?”     The response was enthusiastic and unanimous, and after a hasty and rowdy singing of the happy birthday song, we had cake!

This picture reminds me that life is filled with impromptu celebrations of the love of those around us if we are watchful and don’t miss them.   The verse from Psalm 34:8 is written on the corner of our kitchen wall…”Taste and see that the Lord is good.”   Don’t miss the opportunities today to celebrate His goodness!  I mean….The real question is “Who wouldn’t want cake?!”  Get your piece!

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