It’s a One Way Kinda Day!

After returning from a really wonderful trip through the fjords of Alaska, the raw and rugged northwest coast of Washington State, and the lush beauty of the gardens in Victoria, the laundry is done and the suitcases are back in the attic for a bit.

As we moved through these amazing sights, it occurred to me that many of these places I was seeing for the first, and likely the last time.  Not being morose…I don’t do morose…but there are a lot of places left to see, so the likelihood of me duplicating this adventure of kayaking through Misty Fjords, Alaska is pretty remote.   It was a one way trip of sorts.

My Picture This moment says the same is true for every day of life.  Each day is a one way trip, and though some days the journey may seem familiar, each conversation, connection and accomplishment belong exclusively to that one day. What if we choose to pay more attention to the details of each day as we move through it?  The Psalm 118:24 reminder is “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  

Heads up!  Tomorrow is gonna be different.  Today is a one way trip…make it a good one!

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