Limited Visibility

This morning began with a thick blanket of fog obliterating the view in every direction.  It felt a bit like maybe many of us are feeling during these early days of ‘social distancing’.  Not quite sure what is and isn’t permissible, plans canceled or at least postponed for the foreseeable future, normal rhythms out the window…just not able to have access to the usual line of sight that we possess on any given day for what comes next.  And while it may feel like rubbing our eyes will get rid of the foggy feeling, we aren’t supposed to touch our faces! 

Today is a great day to put this reminder out there.  2 Corinthians 5:7 nudges us to “walk by faith, not by sight”.  My favorite definition of the word ‘faith’ is to believe in something you can’t see because of something you can see. (Thanks, 252basics for that clarity.)

Believe with me that the world is still spinning on its axis, the sun is there beyond the fog, and God is firmly in control.   Have a great, however distanced, day…and wash your hands!

One thought on “Limited Visibility

  1. I am greatly blessed to have so many dear friends that have the ability to calm me down with their words. Connie, you have done it again. As I told someone the other day, the answers to our problems are in the Bible, God’s holy word.


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