Field Trip! #distancelearning

You and your kids just might enjoy this when the walls start closing in on your home/classroom.

Guess I’m not a good ‘just hang around’ person, yet the need to protect our fellow humans is strong. So we packed up our lunch of tomato sandwiches and Oreos, and headed to a nearby lake. We landed at a recreation area near the Strom Thurmond Dam Visitors Center. There were a few people here and there, but it was easy to maintain personal distance. After a ‘socially distant from others’ picnic, we walked around the recreation area.

Spring is peaking out everywhere! You can take a trip like this, maybe without even leaving your own backyard. Or there are plenty of public areas where you can enjoy the outdoors without bumping into anyone.

What do you need?

~ Your smart phone and the “Seek” app by iNaturalist

With this handy free app, you can identify many types of flowers, plants and insects. Voila! Science, Botany, Biology lessons…check! check! check!

Job 37:14 says to ‘stop and consider the wondrous works of God.’ There’s plenty of them out there if you look!

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